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Alex an elder semi feral cat we rescued and Dee nursed for years

Callie CaliPurr

Cali and Shan on bed

Callie and Shannon are almost inseparable. They bathe each other, they bunt their heads together all the time, if one goes to the 'restroom' the other will wait for her. Almost 20 years old too!

smiling Caliie girl

Joined at the hip....they always set together, nap together, eat together.

Callie resting on the stoop

Callie, keeps an eye on the front yard also...she sits on the base next to the water spigot.....keeps those neighbor cats and strays away!!!


Callie even stars in her own YouTube video...the Queen Callie Smackdown...keeping those raccoon bandits at bay

Callie resting up high on the end of the couch.

Callie loves to sit up on the end of the couch above everyone and survey her queendom...

just try an dpull me off my perch...its mine...I love my couch corner

Its mine...this is my couch corner...mine...mine...mine.


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