Dees Crazy Cat Paradise.. a cat friendly place

We've had some cats get really BiG!................. of the bigger cats...he could eat a horse

But PAWZ wasn't always so large...he was a cute little kiten also..once upon a time.

but PAWZ wasn't always so big, he was a cute little kitten also...once upon a time.

This seems to happen to cats that live in my house...they just get along with everyone...even our Maybelline the Rottie.....she shared her cushion!!

Pawz sleeping with our Rottie Maybelline dog

Every Christmas the cats get Special crashing under the tree, amongst all the packages and bows.

Pawz with Christmas wrapping paper

and cat toys...I think I have enough cat toys for a test facility.

Pawz playinmg with his cat toys

sometimes I think Pawz ate the cat toys...they just disappeared....eek.

Fat ole Pawz playing with cat toys

Pawz was a good ole boy, just a love machine.

Pawz and more cat toy presents

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