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Psyman on the stereo stand over seeing his domain...heh heh heh

Introducing PsYMan Zezz...our resident Burmese...He loves to be up on top of things, inside of know.

sometimes you just know that some one is not where they belong....guilty tail

Sometime you just know some one is not where they are supposed to be...the Guilty Tail giveth thee away...

Psyman cat inside the cupboard resting

He doesn't care that I just washed those dishes...just resting comfy in with the bowls...and look at all that catfood.

OK OK I'll leave my humble cupboard abode...until next time

After some cat cussing out Psyman decides perhaps to retreat and come back to sit in dishes another day.

a youger Psyman looking like he's ready for some playtime

A younger Psyman looking like he's wanting some playtime.


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