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Salum was one of our cats with attitude...and a Big S on his back

Salum Booh...was Patch's off was our we collected/rescued these animals we would take them to the vet and get them fixed/spayed/neutered so we didn't have to worry about being over run with unwanted kittens.

Salum relaxing lying in the kitchen


Salum...always hiding inside the wierdest spaces

You could always find Salum in the wierdest spaces...inside a box spring, inside the strage bins...cupboards....

see what I mean always hiding in something

see what I mean...a plastic storage bin in a closet and its full of Salum

Salum enjoying the holidays

The cats always have a blast during the holidays...or the birthdays...or almost any day.

Salum is a kook with party favors

Salum covered in party favor streamers

Salum resting on the floor

What me...I just eating my candy cane.......

my granddaughter shares Halloween candy with Salum

My grand daughter is sharing her precious Halloween candy with Salum.

Catnip for Christmas is a favorite with all the cats, SAlum especially.

Its a Merry Christmas for all the Cats, including Salum...Catnip Party for everyone....going cat crazy.



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